About Nanette

While working with my clients, I use a combination of  Kinesiology skills, nutrition, business knowledge, and intuitive work to facilitate and activate their understanding of themselves and their potential. Although I have challenged myself in the academic arena (left brain), my real apprenticeship has been the development of my intuitive skills through-out my life (right brain).

As a little one, I felt I saw things/the world differently and then as I grew up… I came to know I see things differently to those around me. I now understand that I am a “Sensitive”. I feel “stuff” at a volume much higher than most.

I sense things both emotionally and physically. I have now developed this into a skill in order to sense old belief systems that have created blockages (like a vortex in a river) within people’s energetic body. These blockages can be like old software that creates and re-creates the same pattern over and over, leaving people feeling stuck and frustrated. It’s like aiming your sailing boat in a particular direction but finding you are drifting off course taking the long route home.

So now I use this “sensitivity” as a wonderful tool to help people clear their deepest blockages both conscious and subconscious. Let me take you on a journey to assist you to regain your passion, your identity and your self-worth, so you too can be stepping into your full potential!

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