Workshops!  Gain a deeper understanding of who you really are and access a methodology which will allow you to actualise your dreams and potential into reality. These workshops create a fun learning platform to investigate how your body really works and how to utilising your vibrational skills to align yourself with your highest potential, both in an affirmation and physical context.

These workshops will be held in the Mornington on the following dates;

Date Timing
Sunday 10th April  2016
Set up from 9:30am- 4:00pm finish
 Sunday 1 May 2016
The Art of Muscle Monitoring
Set up from 9.30am- 4:00pm finish
 Sunday 22st May 2016
The Journey of Your Soul
Set up from 9.30am- 4.00pm finish
 Sunday 3rd July 2016
The Art of Muscle Testing
Set up from 9.30am- 4:00pm finish and vacate
 Sunday 14th Aug 2016
the Art of Muscle Testing
Set up from 9.30am- 4:00pm finish
Sunday 25th Sept 2016
Set up from 9.30am- 4:00pm finish
 Sunday 13th November 2016  Soul Journey : 9.30-4:00 finish

New Workshop Date : The Art of Muscle Testing

Learn how to Muscle Test for yourself, family and friends. Sunday 14th August 2016 9.30 – 4.00


To gain an understanding of how your vision can become a reality is a beautiful gift and yes there is an “Art to It”. All three of my workshops are designed to help you develop skills in this area of your life.  If you are interested in learning how the body really works from a vibrational perspective, then the Muscle Monitoring Workshop is for you. Learn how to ask the body questions about its unique journey and to help family and friends with reducing stress, balance their Chakra Chi and investigate good and bad foods. If you are about to venture into a new project, business or life plan then the Manifestation Workshop will give you that all important clarity, direction and manifestation powers to help you make it your reality. If you are seeking bigger answers and want to gain an insight into your personal blue print and learn how best to facilitate this, then the Journey of the Soul is right up your alley. For More Information On All Three Workshops:-

We also run workshops for corporations and businesses, aimed at improving motivation, staff morale, as well as reduce levels of absenteeism and attrition. Our Stress Buster Series aims to educate and empower your staff to recognise signs and symptoms of stress. To make a booking, please contact me by phone or email, or visit our workshops bookings page.

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