Stress and Anxiety

Kinesiology and Managing Anxiety: When you become stressed the brain sends signals to the adrenal glands to release adrenaline and cortisol to create a burst of energy in order to run, fight or freeze.  This in turn enables you to get out of physical danger or emotional threat.  Anytime the brain perceives the physical self and the ego/social self to be in danger it will create this adrenal reaction. As we are encountering ever increasing levels of stress and pressure, this adrenal reaction is becoming a way of life. Our social/ego self is continuously going into battle to meet the pressures of meeting our own expectations or our perceived expectations of those around us These responses are often subconscious and difficult to understand on a logical conscious level. For example the little boy who read in front of his class for the first time at school and was laughed at. His adrenal response to that experience may lead him to hate public speaking as a mature adult. It’s an obsolete software program that is still running and interfering with his potential. This day and age, pressures and expectations have lead to many programs running like this, interfering with our ability to meet our potential. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of not being a good parent, not having financial abundance, not achieving…

Prolonged levels of stress can lead to:-

  • Impaired cognitive performance
  • Lack of brain integration in work/exam settings,
  • Suppressed thyroid function,
  • Blood sugar imbalances (hyperglycaemia)
  • Decreased bone density, muscle tissue,
  • Nutritional deficiency,
  • Higher blood pressure,
  • Lowered immunity and inflammation response
  • Increased abdominal fat … stroke, heart attack, cholesterol,
  • Fatigue, and Autoimmune Disorders (C.F.):

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So what’s the answer? 

Using both Kinesiology and Intuitive Work I specialise in clearing the body & mind of those old belief systems that are no longer serving you. I combine this with the reinstatement of nutritional balance and offer you many tools to combat stress.  This enables the body to be taken out of adrenal mode and into recovery and rebuild mode.


Many children these days are sensitive and that means they are sensitive to foods, emotions and environments. This is challenging for both parents and the little people themselves. Kinesiology can give you that greater understanding of how to manage those sensitivities through food testing, intuitive work and various techniques to try to settle the Limbic System (the emotion brain) and gain a better understanding of their sensitive world.

Career Progression and Change

With my HRM experience and Kinesiology combined, I have helped many people with their career direction. From teenagers facing the final years of school, mothers who are looking to re-launch their career, professionals looking for career progression, to Directors of Corporations looking for strategic change in their business. The sessions integrate empowerment, clearing of stresses and personal blockages, along side some down to earth advice derived from my personal business experience.


Practitioners come to me looking to improve their intuitive skills, progress their business and create better boundaries for themselves. Many practitioners are naturally on the journey and are eager to clear their personal blockages and expand on their professional skill level.


At some point with all the kinds of people I work with, nutrition is an important factor. If our vehicle (our body) is not firing on all cylinders then all the passion in the world can be dampened, creating a slower path to success. Through Kinesiology I will check your intake and absorption of vitamins, proteins, minerals, essential fatty acids and enzymes.  Supplementation and herbs will be recommended to balance out any insufficiencies. We will also work through a food list to identify what food gives you energy and what food takes it away. Kinesiology is a wonderful avenue to really understand who you are and how your unique body ticks.