Steps of Healing

Step one:  Clearing immediate issues One on one sessions, aimed to provide you with the opportunity to use the craft of Kinesiology to clear your immediate issues, planting the seed as to your potential. Step two:  Techniques Introduction to Kinesiology allows you to take home the many simple but effective Kinesiology techniques, so you can be empowered to use them on yourself, friends and family. Step three:  Deeper understanding of energetic body. The Energetic Workshop offers you a richer, deeper understanding as to how the Holistic Body Works, increasing your depth of knowledge and personal empowerment. Step four:  Manifestation Start manifesting your new found aspirations, creating the path you once only dared to dream of through this practical and inspirational workshop.

As an Educational Kinesiologist, my passion is about assisting people to gain an understanding of how their mind and body really works and how empowering this can be for them. One on one sessions actively work with identifying old deep seated (often subconscious) belief systems that, when released, allow you to more adequately meet your own potential. This is incredibly powerful for those who are genuinely interested in improving their own performance in work, in health, and in life.

Initial Consultation: 1 – 1.30 hours

We will set a side the first half hour for getting a better understanding of your history and the areas in which you want to work. Then I will share with you my knowledge and experience of how Kinesiology works in partnership with your body to identify what you require.   And finally we will undertake the rebalancing process to start undoing those old patterns and open up new experiences and beginnings.

Follow up Consultations: 1 hour 

You can expect follow up sessions bi weekly or monthly depending on your unique requirements. The initial part of each session will be reporting in and making a note of any changes. Then the commencement of the next level of balance is required. With each balance you will come away with an astonishing understanding of yourself, how you got to where you are now and how you can increasingly align with where you want to be. The follow up sessions can involve a 14 muscle balance, a nutritional balance, food testing, herb and supplements, body organ assessments, Leap Brain Work, chakra rebalancing, anger releasing (in a safe environment) and deep conscious and subconsciousemotional clearing.

Ongoing Sessions

Firstly there will be a re-evaluation of the muscle tests in relation to the particular goal. Then the treatments will become tailored to your particular needs, focusing on a combination of the physical, emotional and chemical (food) aspects of your body. Using of wide variety of techniques it is my goal to help you take the steps towards maximising your potential at a personal and professional level.

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