Manifestation Workshop

Manifestation Workshop Dates:

Sunday 25th September : 9.30 – 4:00

  • Do you have a dream or idea that you would like to manifest but can’t get it off the ground?
  • Do you have a vision of how your life could look like, but can’t seem to get there?
  • Do you have plenty of ideas but are constantly struggling to manifest any of them into reality?
  • Do you tend to have all the passion in the world about your ideas, jump in too quickly, and struggle through out the execution?

If you said “Yes” to any of these questions then the answer lies deep within how your Left and Right Brain works!


Often we can be a great visionary, but as we try to bring it down to the lower vibration of manifestation we may lose confidence, lose focus, create subconscious sabotages and become a little lost!

This workshop gives you an opportunity to learn how “The art of manifestation is dependant on the relationship between the integration of your Left and Right Brain”. Learn how to bring your ideas, ambitions and dreams down through to real life actualisation. This will include clarity in actions, techniques to clear vibrational blockages and an all important fool proof structure to work through after the workshop.

You will walk away with an inspiration board and an action plan aligning your intention with your energetic system.

This is a very exciting model that fills all the gaps that are often not explained in manifestation literature today!

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