Is Passion Always Good For Your Success?

How do we align ourselves with healthy passion…

  • The Mind: Our mind will work from a platform of how to create success to survive. It can place us in a space of obsessive thinking, not feeling safe until that “mirage of success” arrives. This can be a stressful passion creating too much adrenalin & cortisol, putting us into a state of Fight, Flight or Freeze.
  • The Body: Our genetics will want to stick with what comes easily and what it has learnt through its expression of its DNA. This can be a passion through obligation and is based on the Ancestry Memory whether it be good or bad. This can work very heavily along side the mind to create a sticky stressful equation.
  • The Soul: By aligning our passion with what makes our heart sing, we are listening to what our soul truly desires.  This creates healthy, balanced chi and a sense of bliss when everything is synchronised.  No challenge is too great as it’s all an expression of the self and its passion for adventure. The body and the mind, with all that it has learnt steps into line, creating a deep sense of purpose.

So the Art of Creating a Healthy Passion is to find what gives you a sense of adventure, mojo, harmony and happiness, then create your own success upon its foundation.

Nan Abbott   XX

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