Welcome to New Leaf New Beginnings Kinesiology Podcasts page! Here you will find Podcasts from New Leaf on various topics, having been inspired by working with 88.3 Southern FM – Melbourne Community Radio. For over a year I was lucky enough to interview many of my amazing clients and hear their stories. And now I am creating my own series of Podcasts on a variety of topics that present themselves in the clinic.

What to expect from a Kinesiology Session

Many of my clients find it hard to explain what happens in a Kinesiology Session with New Leaf New Beginnings so I thought I would try to explain it in a podcast format. Hope you find it helpful. Xx

Self Directed Healing

When faced with a huge change in your life that was/is unexpected, we find ourselves in a state of overwhelm. Nanette and Geoff chat about some of the ways you can move yourself out of that awful feeling of adversity into a life of clarity and a deeper level of understanding.

Geoff and Nanette talk about the shock of the fist day of diagnosis to now learning the art of living deliberately.

Geoffrey Nyssen Multiple Myeloma:  Geoff is now presenting at a National Level about how he has navigated the complexity of dealing with the adversity of cancer to living an expansive life of passion and purpose.


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