Stress Buster Series

Are your staff tired and stressed? Join our Stress Buster Series for increased motivation and staff morale and decreased stress and absenteeism.

Stress is created when the Amygdala (part of the emotional brain) goes into flight, flight and freeze mode! Once the brain receives this message that there is something that you need a heightened awareness for, it will release adrenalin and cortisol! This reaction burns up critical Vitamins and Minerals in our body very quickly! So when we have had prolonged periods of stress it is essential to replace the body’s Vitamins and Minerals.

Adrenal Exhaustion is becoming well known as the modern day epidemic. Some of the symptoms can be waking up tired, poor immune system, reduced memory, less ability to problem solve and maintain your previous levels of motivation. From a workplace perspective, this can reduce productivity and increase absenteeism. Contributing to those all time challenges of staff illness, low staff morale, personnel issues, all undermining company culture.

This high energy, interactive, informative one hour workshop can be presented over lunch times or an extended morning tea!
Invest in educating and empowering your staff so they can recognise and manage their own signs and symptoms of stress.

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