The Art of Muscle Monitoring

Sunday 14th August 2016 9.30 – 4.00

Become empowered to balance your family and friends with some simple Kinesiology tools.

No prior experience is required and all learning will be experiential, interactive and fun.

Enjoy a day with like minded people in a retreat setting where you will experience….

  • Muscle testing made easy for yourself and your family
  • Buttons (meridian points) to switch on the brain
  • Brain Gym for stimulating learning
  • Clearing work and school stress (ESR & Energy clearing)
  • Sugar Imbalance corrections
  • Muscle Testing for foods investigating which ones are uniquely good or bad for you.
  • Colour / Crystal Balancing
  • Theta meditation for kids and adults.
  • Cost $200 : Confirm your booking by payment: Direct Debit or Paypal

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